Since 2006, we have serviced the medical community, with integrity, ethics and a commitment to excellent patient callback services.


Service Reliability. TeleNurse First was started by industry professionals in the acute care and managed care environment. Through our extensive understanding of the impact of preventable readmissions in the managed care industry and the impact of patient satisfaction in the acute care setting, we pioneered a callback service that provides continuity of care for patients after discharge.  

Benefits to the Patient...

  • Assess patient's current condition to establish condition improvement or condition changes that may requiring immediate or urgent medical attention
  • Increase patient compliance by reinforcing discharge instructions
  • Provide support to families in crisis
  • Provide additional healthcare information, education and resources
  • Assist with follow-up care appointments
  • Provide conflict resolution to patient grievances

Benefits to Clients...

  • Our callback service is turn-key and accessible immediately
  • Eliminate additional staffing with our clinical callback team 
  • Simplified billing - we charge per discharge, not per call, with no hidden fees
  • NO software purchases, software licensing or software training
  • NO hardware or telephone equipment purchases
  • Usable, effective, real-time data and reporting
  • NO IVR, automated attendants or recordings

Amy Schubert

Amy is a founding partner with over 20 years experience in the managed care industry. Her expertise in development of our operational systems, data management and clinical team has made us a leader in discharge information analytics, management and outcomes.​ She brings broad and deep professional experience in establishing innovative growth solutions in the areas of discharge management, strategic and tactical marketing, and works closely with our clients to produce solid patient follow-up strategies.

Shawn Curtis

Shawn is a founding partner with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Cal State San Bernardino and has over 20 years in the acute/managed care industry. His management style and expertise in the financial sector is an asset to our company and our clients. He is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).  His knowledge of readmission challenges makes him a leader in identifying and securing fiscal health in the medical industry.

Guadalupe Del Rico, LVN

With over 47 years experience as a LVN, Lupe has worked 25 years in Acute Care (ICU, CCU, NICU, Post-Pardum & Newborn Nursery) and the Emergency Department, 17 years in Human Resources/Staff Development, 11 years in LTC setting, and 8 years in post-discharge follow-up. In addition, she has taught English/Spanish classes for the American Red Cross and provided First Responder care to Firefighters at several fire camps.

Carole Bingham, LVN

With over 43 years experience as a LVN, Carole has worked 31 years in an OB-GYN clinic setting, 16 years in multi-specialty clinics, and 8 years in case management and discharge planning. In addition, she worked as the Director of Resident Services for an Assisted Living Facility of which she obtained her Administrators License.

Yurisa Webb, LVN

With over 10 years experience as a LVN, Yurisa has worked with developmentally disabled adult/children, was an Administrator in a long-term care and home health facility, and was a triage nurse in our state prison system.



"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. 

Together, we can do great things."- Mother Teresa

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