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Patient Callback Philosophy

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Caring and professional nurses are the perfect combination to make your patient's callback experience unforgettable. Our team of highly qualified, licensed practical nurses (LPN's) and Care Coordinators have been working many years on providing patient follow-up calls that transcends the patient callback industry. 

​Jackie Melkonian, BSN, RN, CHPN, CCM  Director of Clinical Operations

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"We are dedicated to providing patient callback solutions to our medical communities, through a professional and highly-qualified callback team."

We believe and understand that a patient's perception of their care while at your facility is pivotal when developing effective internal process improvements; that is why our outcome data is designed to give your team the keys to increasing patient satisfaction. 

Guadalupe Del Rico, LPN

Lead Callback Nurse

Our team

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We are your outsourced nurse/patient callback solution

Amy Schubert, Chief Executive Officer

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for patients post-discharge, while providing you with outcome data that will enhance your QI/QA initiatives.

Our office, located in California, encompasses our callback team, our analytics team and our HIPPA-compliant computer technologies - our service is all-inclusive, providing you with a turn-key, outsourced patient callback department.  

Visiting our clients

We take the time for you to have trust and understanding of who we are

Carole Bingham, LPN

Lead Callback Nurse