‣ Provide community healthcare resources


‣  Promote compliance and safety at home


​Service Recovery

‣  Provide your team with analytics and trends



‣  Recognize Project RED



Our callback team act as a liaison between the patient and their outpatient providers, by encouraging timely follow-up care, home health services, DME delivery and medication management; and by coaching patients to remain compliant and to take control of their healthcare.

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‣  Document complaints/provide service recovery

Let TeleNurse First transform your patient's perception of care!

Our callback team provides immediate mitigation to patient complaints about patient care, staff behavior, environment issues, pain management, wait times. In addition, our callback team report condition status issues that can affect patient's recovery at home.


​HCAHPS Scores

‣ Encourage HCAHPS survey participation

‣  Reinforce discharge instructions


Providing nurse/patient

‣  Act as liaison between patient and providers

‣  Document staff recognitions

We provide your management team with real-time analytics/trends on your patient's perception of care and suggestions for improvement as categorized by HCAHPS - allowing for effective quality improvements that will reflect on your scores.

callback solutions

You’re ready to improve your stagnant or declining HCAHPS scores. You’ve decided it's time to put your facility with the top industry performers. You're ready to provide a service that provides continued quality of care to your patients, while giving your team the tools to transform your facility.

 Solicit improvement suggestions

Since 2006, TeleNurse First has been the leader in patient callback services.

About Us

You’re looking for an effective patient callback service that INCREASES PATIENT SATISFACTION and REDUCES READMISSIONS, and you’ve come to the right place. Since 2006, we’ve been providing patient callback services to heathcare facilities throughout the United States. 

All patient calls are performed by our Licensed Practical Nurses and Care Coordinators. Our caliber of callback services is second to none!

Our Model

Since 2006, TeleNurse First Call Center has been providing high-volume patient follow-up calls for medical facilities throughout the United States. Our callback team has been pivotal in increasing patient satisfaction and reducing readmissions through our comprehensive outsourced patient callback programs.